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Manly Masters Swimming Club President ... Ruth Fitzpatrick

In the pages of this document you will find the history of Manly Masters, its many milestones and swimming achievements. Thank you to everyone who has contributed and especially to Ted Samojlowicz for being the catalyst and creator.

Each and every one of the members, past and present, are the fibre of this club, and each personal swimming journey shared is very special. Swimming is a unique sport – we mix with men and women of all ages who share one common bond - following that black line to improve our swimming under the guidance of others who enable us to strive harder.

Manly Masters is not only a swimming experience; it is a club where people can share their experiences in and out of the pool. I bet each of you reading this will remember the first carnival at which you competed. It was exhilarating and a little scary, yes? But you will also remember the support of those around you. We all start Manly Masters in the pool but the experience grows to encompass trivia nights, shopping expeditions, dinners, and ocean swims. Not to forget the weekends away at swimming championships, and trips overseas in the company of like-minded people who happen to be competing in a swimming event. And perhaps most rewarding is the group therapy session in the locker room at the end of a swim. We become friends.

 I am honoured to be the current president and after twenty years with Manly Masters I am still loving it. I hope you enjoy this living history of our club, and contribute to it by continuing your journey with Manly Masters.

 Keep swimming.

Concerned that the history of the Manly Masters Swimming Club be lost unless the memories of long serving and older members were recorded, the 2014 Club Committee gave approval to the preparation of a historical compilation.  Once research began, members both past and present provided their support.  The following people, in particular, are acknowledged for their invaluable  contributions and assistance by providing access to records and personal files:  Jillian Pateman, Administrator, NSW Masters Swimming State Branch Office: Bob Carlon (club founding and life member); Lynne and Bill Harris (former club members); the late Jan Allport for her photo library and club newsletters; Max Taylor; and to current club members; Gloria Oldfield; Faye Seeney; Sue Johns; Ruth Fitzpatrick; Dawn Gledhill; Tony Goodwin; Marie Taylor; Max Taylor, and Katherine Woodburn.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the content, however, it is acknowledged that there maybe some omissions and or errors and responsibility for any errors of fact, or peculiarities of interpretation, rests solely with the author.

Ted Samojlowicz


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