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Touretski exercises

Kinetic exercises are considered to have more value than passive stretching when warming up.

Start around 6 of these exercises. Once these are mastered then move on to the next 6.

  1. Arms stretched out side to side, horizontally at shoulder height. Swing from side to side by rotating the body.
  2. Arms stretched out above head - swing from side to side.
  3. Hands behind back - flex backwards and forwards.
  4. Hands on shoulders, elbows bent. Rotate the body.
  5. Arms stretched above head, loose fingers. Relax like 'jelly'.
  6. Arms stretched out side at shoulder level. Circle both arms at the same time - a few rotations forward and then backwards.
  7. Relaxed bouncing on toes.
  8. Complete cirles of arms - backwards.
  9. Bend body horizontally from the waist. Hands and arms down. Swing from side to side.
  10. Swing backwards and forwards.
  11. The same with elbow raise at back.
  12. Relax with loose fingers above head - crumple to feet. Like 'jelly'
  13. Bend over arms hanging loosely: 1 - 2 - 3 - on 4 bend back. Relax forward.
  14. Same with hands on hips.
  15. Bend forward, arms back: 1 - 2 - 3: on 4 swing arms forward and stretch
  16. Arms horizontal and straight, swing from side to side.
  17. Arms horizontal with beny elbows, swing from side to side.
  18. One arm overhead and one behind back, swing round.
  19. One arm overhead and one behind back, sideways movement.
  20. Jump loosely - arms by side.
  21. Band at waist - side to side arm swing.
  22. Hands on hips - bend backwards. Bring arms forward and relax down - hands to ground.
  23. Arms above head - strecth back - breathe - then relax forward.
  24. Jump on spot with rotation of arms, 2 forwards, 2 back.
  25. Jump with scissor legs and swing arms back and forwards.
  26. Rotation of arms backwards - gradually increase speed.
  27. Rotation of arms forwards - gradually increase speed.
  28. Relax with fingers above head.
  29. Hands stretched forwards at shoulder height - scissor movement. Gradually increase speed.
  30. Swings - 10 straight arm free, 10 elbow lift free and continue. Note: this exercise may be uncomfortable at first - but persevere. An ideal exercise for home in front of mirror.
  31. Starts: take your marks - jump high with rigid body.
  32. At home - with pole, swing arms as though kayaking.
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